I added a small stencil on the seat for a little added interest. I rubbed on & buffed in 2 coats of soft wax & left them out of use for a week to cure.


Although I really liked the resulting color, it was not the color from the bookcase in the store, they turned out a little more turquoise and a little less teal. No worries, I like the color and they will add some interest in the very neutral kitchen…I’m hoping…


So, we’ve lived with the stools for a few months now. The color is growing on me (possibly because I picture lightening the whole kitchen in the future??) The finish has held up beautifully. My end result opinion on chalk paint is 2 thumbs up!

So, I’m back!  I have a few projects coming up that I will be writing about, but you can suggest topics you’d like me to address as well!  Have a beautiful day!

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