Because I was so lucky to get the 108″ curtain panels from JC Penney, I was able to really draw the eye up by hanging them much higher than the previous treatments.  I’m really happy with how they look.

I moved some framed art from my dining room into the family room, I liked how the frames were similar in tone to the piece over the mantle and I felt like they also added to the more simplistic look I was going for in the room.  They were a fun find from my favorite local antique store.

The simplicity of the room, although I really like it, will still take some getting used to.  I had so many family photos in the room and it’s a little odd not seeing them there.  That being said, every room I re-do always remain a work in progress, so who knows what will find it’s way back in!  Would love to hear your thoughts & see your projects!


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  1. Love the old but I especially love the new pop of color from the Moroccan art work and the special meaning it brings to your space. It looks fantastic!

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