Often families have 2 points of entry; a public and a private.  If your family normally enters through the garage, please don’t neglect this entryway simply because it is not your “guest entry”!  The door through which you enter most should certainly be made to welcome you home, don’t you think?  You could paint this door from the garage into the home as an entry door,  and give yourself ample storage solutions for you as you enter.


We had a hall closet right where we come in from the garage.  It never really was given a category and became a weird catch all.  One day I decided to make it work for us.  I removed the door, my friend Rajiv built the bench, upper shelving and the hooks.  I upholstered a cushion and found some baskets for shoes, voila! It is now home to jackets, backpacks, shoes and purses that were often just set on the kitchen island previously. Clutter relocated & relatively pretty to look at, it really solved several problems for us!  (The closet door is carefully stored in the attic in case the next owner of our house would like the closet back).    We have far too many shoes by this door to really keep them in these baskets, but we try!  And the backpacks are usually plopped on the floor and I re-locate them to the hooks, but I do love my cubby!  It’s also where we hang guests’ coats when we entertain, so no need to clean out the from coat closets….or is there??


I absolutely love this entryway from a garage by abowlfulloflemons.com.  You can read more about her mud room transformation on their blog here!  They have inspired me to add this part of my house to my list, but please don’t hold your breath for it’s completion.  Like lots of you, my garage is a catch all that overwhelms me to my very core.

So I challenge you to re-visit your entry today.  Stand there and see what descriptive words come to mind.  Are they the words you want to describe the introduction to your home?  If not, why not give some attention to the room that greets your guests?  I’d love to hear about all you projects!


Another great entryway with a coastal feel by Urban Grace Interiors

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