1. ALYSON! These are so beautiful! You outdid yourself this time. Simply amazing. If you get cracking, you could launch an Etsy shop for Christmas. Like you have nothing else to do….I love you so much! Inspiring me daily. XOXOXOXOXO

    • Doug mentioned the exact same thing about selling the trays on etsy…something to ponder! Thank you for your very kind words-I’m glad you love the trays! And thank you millions for reading and commenting! xoxoxoxo

  2. Sooooooo something I would have in my home..LOVE IT!! Keep up the great ideas…LOVE your blog girlfriend!!
    Xoxo pat

  3. *O*M*G*oodness Alyson! *W*O*W*… just wow! These are amazing!!!Truly one the the most beautiful things I have EVER seen!!! Love it for the idea of serving cheese, anything really but especially cheese! I’d *L*O*V*E* to order one for myself!!! Sign me up. You are always so inspirational and never fail to amaze me!! <3

  4. Love it! I’m not creative at all so your creativity is so inspiring to me. I need you to come to Florida immediately and redo my entire house!

  5. Loved hearing about them and LOVE the final product! Now I know where our next field trip will be! I like the etsy idea as well…. Thanks for sharing!❤️

    • I do crack myself up about the Frasier doors, it’s a sickness, lol. But they are so pretty! And yes, field trip in the works!

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